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  1. Hispanitas HI63612 bordo 36 Dámské lodičky CZK4,286.82  CZK2,000.73
  2. Clarks 26118528 černá 37 Dámské lodičky CZK3,958.46  CZK1,865.86
  3. Clarks 26118884 modrá 37,5 Dámské lodičky CZK3,465.67  CZK1,701.68
  4. Clarks 20306743 černá 37 Dámské lodičky CZK4,246.26  CZK1,899.82
  5. Clarks 26118842 černá 36 Dámské lodičky CZK3,772.04  CZK1,717.07
  6. Clarks 26121793 fialová 38 Dámské lodičky CZK3,989.00  CZK1,829.70
  7. Clarks 26118844 černá 36 Dámské lodičky CZK4,573.65  CZK2,017.83
  8. Tamaris 1-23311-27 černá 36 Dámská uzavřená obuv CZK4,027.11  CZK1,783.28
  9. Tamaris 1-22414-37 hnědá 36 Dámské lodičky CZK3,732.46  CZK1,749.57
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Courier delivery, we use EMS, DHL, UPS

* Notes

• Because of the longer time to play, the shipping time standard has been extended to 15-30 days for Brazil and 10-15 days for all other destinations in Latin America.

• All estimates / delivery time typical of the orders come collect real data.

• Transit time will be affected during the holidays, manufacturers and carriers limit their actions at these times. E 'out of our control. Immediately resume normal operation after each holiday.

• It may take a few days to be sent before the courier tracking number to activate the system. If the information does not appear on the website Mail, please try again later.

• shipped from our warehouse and distribution center for all packages.

Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

What is the processing time of the project?
After receiving the order, we check the quality control and testing to ensure product quality before shipment. The duration of treatment depends on the particular product, the average processing time of about two days, but can also affect the state of the stocks of the project. If your questions are in order, inventory, including the popular elements met, orders can be from 5 to 10 days to process requirements.

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